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Hi Pat,

Here’s some photos from our recent trip. Thanks so much for another great week. It was great to talk to you and your entire family. I wish we could’ve stayed longer. If you need anything at all from us Pat, just let me know!!

Todd Heitkamp


Just wanted to say thanks for a great stay last week. Jerry and I learned a lot from Ed and had a great time.  Also wanted to send a few pics. 

Sorry for my screw ups.



concur with Mark and Jim.  We had a great time.  Give your family and crew our thanks.  

Henry Kurth, from the big fish boat.

Call me if you get near Sarasota this winter.

Hi Cedar Point Crew,

Thanks for another great trip.

Joe Shell

Pat and Sharon,

We had another enjoyable week at Cedar Point last week.  We were first on the scene of a SUV/Moose collision at about the halfway mark on 502 Friday morning.  Moose was dead, SUV was dead but two young fellas were just a little beat up and dazed.  No cell service so stayed with them until a northbound Hydro truck agreed to drive them to Dryden.

I just wanted to confirm we would like to reserve the Mallard’s Nest the week of 6/22-6/29 in 2019.Take time to enjoy Janelle’s wedding this weekend.

Craig Brandt

Hi Pat hope your kickin some ass up there. Did your concrete work turn out ok ??  the wedding ??

Here are some of the pics we promised. Look forward to returning to cedar point lodge in the future!!

Take Care

Dan/ Jacqi Fanella

Hi Pat.

 Hope your summer is going well. Our visit there was obviously the best yet. I don’t know if you like this video. I’m still bragging. Please let me know when you receive this. Say hello to Eddie.

Larry Troutman

Hi Pat,

Thank you so much for the wonderful vacation we had at Cedar Lodge. Here are a few pics you are welcome to use.


Hi Pat –

Thanks again for a terrific week !  I attached a few fun photos. 


Deb Bursik

Hey Pat and Family,

My wife and I stayed up at the Loons Nest a Couple weeks ago with my uncle Rodney Sheldon and family. I just wanted to say how much we enjoyed our trip and will definitely be making a trip back in the future. Some more of my family and friends are interested in making a trip up there in the coming years. I wanted to send you my picture of my Muskie that I was able to catch! Definitely my biggest Muskie to date at 51” Long! See you soon!

Kyle and Emily Sheldon

A few pics you requested. Thanks for another great trip at CPL!  

Barry Ransom


Hello Pat. I can only send one picture at a time because of our email limitations.

Just wanted to say again how much we enjoyed coming up to see you guys this past August. We are already looking forward to next year. We will see you again next year.

David and Charlotte Randall


Pat and Sharon, 

   Corinne and I have decided we would like to extend our trip in 2019 to two weeks.  

We would like to stay from August 31, 2019 to September 14, 2019       or from August 24, 2019  thru September 7, 2019       whichever time frame is available 

We would like to have Cabin #9 again. 

   Also could you let us know if either  Eagles Nest or Loons Nest would be available during these time frames and what the cost would be. 

 We had a wonderful time and are looking forward to the trip next year. 

   Hope this finds you doing well. 

   Thanks for a great time,    oops I forgot about the hike from %#@$!  

   Rick and Corinne 

Thanks for everything guys. Wish I caught every fish we raised… but still had a blast. There’s always next time. Take care and tight lines.



Thank you for another great visit to Cedar Point Lodge.  We had a great time and caught lots of great fish.  I have attached a few pictures.

Tim & Amanda Scott

Hey Pat,

First of all, thank you for all of your hospitality.  Your package was sent yesterday, I have something for you and Sharon in it.

Attached is a pic of me and my first smallie, and a video with Bella and Taurus.  I used Movie Maker Project to downsize the videos.

Talk to you soon,

Douglas Jerram

Hello Pat and Sharon,

We would like to Thank you guys again for a wonderful vacation again this year at Cedar Point.

We would like to have Cabin 8 again next year same week if we didn’t make that clear ( 14 Molsons will sometimes do that) 

Thank you

Chris Pam and Tyler Hillen


Here are a few photos from our recent stay. Once again, we had a great time. I just wish it wouldn’t go by so quick!!  Take care and I hope to talk to you soon!


Pat, thanks again for having us it was a great trip……

Please put me down for a campsite the week of June 12th to the 19th for the 2018 season…….



Thanks Pat.  We had a good trip.  Always enjoy the camp and the lake. Nathan and Morgan enjoyed themselves immensely and are already looking forward to next summer. A 4 year old that likes to fish . . . Guess she is being raised right. ?

Courtney; Nathan’s wife and Morgan’s mother, was so disappointed she couldn’t come with us this year. She loves to fish too and she is a Chicago city girl but has taken to country life enjoying it all. We got lucky ? because she is awesome.

We enjoyed fishing with Eddie and Morgan took a shine to him. ?

Pat and Dan GrunewaldPat,


 This was another day out, bigger than the first one.  This was 3.3# and 18″.  Thanks for another great week.  



Hi Pat!

Not sure if this is where to go to send you pics…but wanted to send you the picture of our 25″ and 29″ Walleyes caught back to back with Eddies help!  Hope to see you guys next year!


Hi Pat,

It didn’t take long for my pictures and stories to get circulated amongst my many fishing friends. They’ve already decided that 2018 should be there first trip to Eagle Lake and Cedar Point Lodge looks awesome to everyone. I tried using the “check availability” option on accommodations but couldn’t find if certain dates were available. So, if you could please let me know which weeks are available in June July and August to book the Grand Moose Lodge with 12 men from Friday to Friday, I can present it to my group and select a date.

That’s at least a good starting point. Then we can discuss various packages based on the men I’m bringing up. I suspect there will be enough interest to also book additional cabins based on the enthusiasm I have heard already. Looking forward to hearing about what dates are available and more to follow after that. Again, thank you for all of your considerations and a wonderful trip for my first visit.

All my best, Randy Prestash


Hi Jim and Pat,


Thank you Jim for the excellent recommendation about Pat’s place, Cedar Point Lodge!

Simon (my son) and I had a wonderful time!( He talked about each day all the way home, especially fishing with the Midwest Outdoors crew).

 I can now see why your two operations are the best on Eagle Lake (very well run in all aspects). You both have a customer for life! 

Thank you again both, you made two trips to Eagle this summer so very memorable and fun!

Steve, Nancy and Simon Venarchic

Hi Pat and Sharon,

As promised here is a picture of the musky I caught when at your lodge in September with Mark. The fish was caught at Strawberry island in the early afternoon. Mark measured the fish at 49″, and our weight was 30 – 35 pounds. Got him on a “Spanky” in-line spinner, black with chartreuse double 10 blades.

Please let me know if the picture came through.

Thanks for the great week. See you at the all Canada Show at Pheasant Run.

Rick Jass

Thank you for the hospitality that your family and staff provided! Attached is the picture of the 30″ walleye from last week and I will also send over the picture of the 38″ northern.


Josh Froehlich

Hi Sherry & Pat

Thank you a million times over for such a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend!!! The family is still talking about the days spent at your fishing resort. You sure have a beautiful family & an incredible place on Eagle’s Lake. I wish I could have made those 2 days last a week, most relaxed I have been in a long time.

Here are a few pictures I took. I will send more when I learn how to download off camera. lol. Plus I will get some from Kathy.


Thank you


Hello Pat and Sharon,

As promised, here are some pictures of the fish we caught on our trip to Cedar Point Lodge. We had a great time and thanks to you both, your children and the staff there in making it such a good experience.

Hope to see you all soon,

Gary Shilts

First, let me say what an awesome trip we had to Canada..We can’t say thank you to you & your staff enough..We’re still talking about our experience….When we got home, however, we decided that coming back in late August 2016 wouldn’t work for us..We may possibly come back in Sept…..We didn’t want to tie up the time you reserved for us in August…..Hope you and Sharon had a SUPER trip after we left..You both surely deserve it..Hope your back is better now too..Thanks for everything…Vaughn & Joan

Hi Pat,

We truly had a blast fishing this year.  You have a great operation there! Thanks so much for the hospitality. Please let me know if you get this email, so I know you got the pictures I sent.




PS Make sure to cook that brisket for a couple of hours . . . that works the best.

Hi Pat and Sharon —

Hope this finds you and your family in good health, and that your children are learning their butts off in college!

I may have explained when we were your guests at Cedar Point Lodge in early September 2015, that I’ve always wanted to journey to Canada with my son and two son-in-laws on a musky fishing trip.  However, my son was miles away in Boise, ID for many years, and a Canadian fishing trip just wan’t in the cards.  However, in May 2014 my son took a job with the Green Bay Packer and Milwaukee Brewer radio network, and move back to Wisconsin.  Still, I thought it would be nice but wasn’t actively looking to make this trip happen, until I ran into you at the Madison, WI Fishing Expo by accident. I was passing all the Canadian booths, but as luck would have it, my friend stopped at your booth to waste some time, while I was looking for musky baits, and when I found him at your booth, we began a conversation about Cedar Point Lodge.  I could tell right away that if I was ever going to go to Canada, Cedar Point Lodge would be the place.  Your genuine caring attitude about your guests became obvious, and next thing I knew after a few email conversations, we had the trip booked.  The special 15% off package you offered for guests after August 28 was irresistable!

I can’t tell you enough how impressed we were with the accomodations and everyone associated with Cedar Point Lodge — not only from you, but the guides (special thanks to Wayne), the dock hands, and kitchen staff were awesome.  Your daily willingness to ensure our satisfaction was excellent, and Wayne’s enthusiasim for musky fishing was great!  One of the best lines of the trip was from Wayne, when on his first day with us, he knew we wanted to catch shore lunch as quickly as possible, so we pull up to the first walleye spot and he says, “OK guyzzs, let’s get these fish and get the hell out of here and go musky fishing”.  We still laugh about that and true to his word, it took less than an hour to have plenty of fish for shore lunch that day.

Keep up the great work, and stay true to your motto, “arrive as our guests and leave as our friends”.  We hope to see you again soon.

Attached are a few pictures from our trip and again thank you!

Randy “Frazier” Stauffer

Jefferson, WI

I would like to take this opportunity to extend to anyone who is looking for a Canadian fishing experience to consider the Cedar Point Lodge on Eagle Lake in Ontario. I happened across the owner Pat Hron at the ‘All Canada Show’ in Milwaukee over six years ago looking for a place to go fishing with my twin brother and his two sons. I stopped and talked with Pat in his booth with one of his guides, Wayne. Pat told me that Cedar Point Lodge is perfect for a family fishing vacation. Plenty of things to keep kids busy and occupied in a friendly family environment. He said if I get you hooked, you will continue to come back for years to come and mentioned how many years some of his loyal clientele had been coming back. We made the decision to try CPL that summer and I put down a deposit after talking it over with my twin brother. I will be going back this year for the sixth year now and am really not interested in trying other fishing lodges.

Cedar Point Lodge provides everything you can want in a fishing vacation. I am not a boat person, therefore I hire guides for the 4 days we fish. Eddie and Wayne are two of the best guides that I have ever used and their knowledge of Eagle Lake usually ensures we catch fish. There is another guide, Gordon (Gordy) who used to own a lodge across the way and now guides at Eagle Lake for CPL and he is an expert in Muskie fishing and is in the North American Fishing Hall of Fame. I have used all three guides and will continue to do so. I have fished in June, July, September and October and caught my fair share of walleye, northern pike, and small mouth bass. We have the guides cook us shore lunch each day we fish and it is like being in heaven eating fresh walleye and pike in the great outdoors. Eddie and Wayne are great guides for taking small children out to teach them how to fish if they have never done so. My two nephews still talk about their first Canadian fishing trip to this day.

Your hosts at Cedar Point Lodge, Pat Hron, his wife Sharon, daughter Janelle, and son Ryan make you feel a part of their extended family. They try to accommodate your every need and want. Their staff is all friendly and will do their best to make your stay the best. I truly believe that once you experience Cedar Point Lodge, you will do it over and over again. I have had five great years fishing so far and will continue to do so as long as my health allows me to. The memories and friendships I have created while at the lodge will keep me coming back for sure. Get hooked, give Cedar Point Lodge a try.


David M. Boddicker a..k.a. Big Dave:)
Antioch, IL

“All I can say is wow!! This place is awesome for anyone looking at taking their family for an experience they will cherish for a lifetime. A little over a year ago my wife and I started searching for a place to take our family on a fishing trip to Canada. A co-worker of my wife’s mentioned to her one day in passing that we should take a look at Cedar Point Lodge because they had a great experience there. So I emailed Pat and Sharon and received a prompt response with information about their resort. We then made plans to meet them at the All Canada show in Green Bay. From the time we met Pat and his guides at the show we had a really good feeling that we were in for an awesome trip.  The minute we pulled in the driveway caravanning two other families, boats, and all our crew,(fourteen in all, ages 4 to 40) we were welcomed with open arms. The cabins are very clean, comfortable, and equipped with everything we needed.  Plus there is air conditioning! A must for August. We loved the family atmosphere and there was something for all of us to enjoy no matter the age. Whether it be fishing, swimming at the beach, kids’ activities, or potlucks, we enjoyed it all. It was extremely important for us that we felt safe letting our children roam freely throughout the resort without any worries. It was a trip where we could all decompress from the craziness of our life.  When asking my own children their favorite things about Cedar Point they responded with… “The fishing and the swimming at the beach!” – Mason age 11,    “The fishing and the inner-tubing in the bay in front of the lodge.” – Maddie age 8.

It was a trip of the lifetime and my wife and I both agreed that it was one of the best trips we have been on as a family. We look forward to our second trip to Cedar Point Lodge in August of 2014!!

Best Wishes,

Matt, Rebekah, Mason, and Maddie Propsom – Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin


Pat, Sharon and the entire Cedar Point Staff
Just wanted to tell you what a wonderful experience we always have when we come to Cedar Point Lodge. The cabins, lodge, boats and deck hands are always top notch. The meals are fantastic that you serve and Carolyn likes it. Then she doesn’t have to cook. Love it that we can get our bait right there. Wayne and Eddie are great guides and friends. It’s always a great and productive day when we are with them. We appreciate the satellite TV and the AC in the cabins. After a hot day in the sun, it’s nice to relax in the AC.
Although our kids are grown, it seems like a good place to bring the kids.the sand beach is a big plus for your resort. The activities and the Tuesday night fish fry are great.
Honestly , we wouldn’t think of going fishing any where else in Canada. Thanks for becoming our treasured friends. Hope to see you soon
Dale &Carolyn Johnston
Shawano, Wisconsin

Cedar Point Lodge and Eagle Lake has become a very important part of my family. We first visited Eagle Lake in 1987 and our annual trip to Cedar Point Lodge has become a tradition that now includes three generations of our family. The fishing is always amazing, the lake is beautiful, and the Hron family and their team is outstanding. But the best part of visiting Cedar Point Lodge is the opportunity to spend an “unplugged” day on the water with your kids, talking, fishing, and making lifelong memories.

Mark McCleary
Racine, WI

I have been going to Cedar Point Lodge for over 20 years. Pat ,Sharon and all the staff have always taken care of my groups needs, always with a smile and always moving at a fast pace to get us on the lake as soon as possible. The fishing has always been good or great and the staff is more than willing to tell you where the fish are and what they are biting on. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience and will continue to plan a trip every year until no longer physically able to.

Jay Smithey
Indianapolis, Indiana

What can I say that hasn’t already been said a hundred times? Great camp, great facilities, awesome fishing and even better people. From the cleanliness of the cabins, to the fish fry on Tuesday evening, from the dock hands that meet you every time you come in, to Wayne and all of your other guides – everyone at Cedar Point does everything possible to make your stay an awesome experience. What I especially appreciate is the family friendly atmosphere! There is truly something for any age! Can’t wait for our next trip!!!

Marty Westen
Washington, IA

Pat & Sharon,

My family has been coming up to Cedar Point Lodge for over ten years. Every time we arrive, Pat and Sharon are there, wishing us a warm welcome, with a smile. The accommodations are always clean, comfortable and homey. We always look forward to the Tuesday Fish fry. Hanging outside, while the guys cook fish, having a cold one, visiting and discussing today’s fun on the Eagle Lake.

Memories are made every time we get in a CPL boat, drive out to our many fishing spots, enjoying the pristine, virgin landscape and catch fish. My kids have been fortunate to have vacationed in many different locations; spring skiing in Colorado, beach resort in Aruba and even Disney World, but the vacation my kids love best, is Cedar Point Lodge!

Thanks Pat and Sharon!

The Adam Family, Illinois

“Cedar Point Lodge is a great vacation destination. We know the fishing will always be good and the hospitality of your Lodge team will be wonderful. We’ve been to your lodge several times over the years. We know that every time we return, we’ll find the relaxing time in the Canadian outdoors that we’ve been looking for.”

Bill Vanevenhoven
De Pere, WI (or Green Bay, WI)

Reflecting back on our first meeting at the Des Moines All Canada Show I’m pleased we choose Cedar Point Lodge eight years ago. Prior to our meeting you we struggled to find a northern lodge with the modern conveniences to meet the needs of my family and quality fishing typically associated with a remote destinations. You’ve taken the time to listen to your customers and provide the amenities they are looking for, whether it be gaming for the kids, nearby shopping for my wife, dock service, fish cleaning or a beer on the deck at sunset for me we look forward to our visit each July.

The Perry Family

Adel, IA

Have been staying at Cedar Point Lodge for many of the last 30 years and have enjoyed every minute. Always a friendly place and a place where our whole family was always welcome. Have met so many new friends and have many old friends that have been our special family at the camp. We are so happy to see that even our grandchildren still enjoy coming to camp with us. (That is the 3rd generation.) Good time for relaxation and fun and fishing!!!

Gary & Sandy Lilienthal
Durant, Iowa

This is the only family vacation that my entire family agrees to make every year and looks forward to every year. This vacation truly brings the family together no matter what the weather is. The staff, equipment and facilities at Cedar Point are all first rate which also makes the vacation a lot smoother!
Jeff Hollenbeck
Rochester, Mn

Pat & Sharon

My first trip to Cedar Point Lodge was in 1986 and it was such a wonderful trip it became an annual vacation for me. I look so forward to to this Cedar Point trip every May for the opening if walleye season.

Before my first trip to Cedar Point I had never caught a walleye, lake trout, northern pike, or smallmouth bass. Since then I’ve caught a personal best 40 inch 17 LB northern, 4 1/2 LB smallie, and a 50 inch Muskie. One of my favorite adventures each year is motoring up Clearwater Creek to Clearwater Lake for the lake trout fishing and a shore lunch.

Par and Sharon, while I really enjoy the great fishing and the camaraderie among the guys in camp, what really brings me back to Cedar Point you and your entire staff. Friendly, helpful and always looking for how you can make our stay a great vacation.

As I write this it’s early April and I’m in Florida where I spend my winters now that I’m retired. In a few weeks we’ll be back in Wisconsin and can’t wait for mid-May when I’ll be back at Cedar Point.

Don’t ever change the way you run Cedar Point, it’s the reason people keep coming back each year

Gary, the Walleye Hunter

Our 1st visit to CPLwas in 1998, my oldest son was 14 years old. That week will be in grained in his memory forever. Since that visit we have returned many times, bringing with us my father-in-law, my brother,my oldest sons girl friend, his school friends, his work friends,and of course my wife and our other son.Every year at Christmas when all the family is together and the subject of vacation comes up, Pat & Sharon’s is # !1 vote from the Collins’. We have watched their children grow up, as they have ours. Our next trip will include for the 1st time our only grandchild, for his experience of a life time.

There is something to be said about truth in advertising these days. When I picked up CPL’s brochure at the All Canada Show in 1998, there was a statement on it that reads “Arrive as our Guest, Leave as our Friend.” That is ABSOLUTELY the TRUTH.

Randy Collins

St. Louis, Missouri

Just a quick note to say thank you for another great week at Cedar Point Lodge! You and Sharon are awesome hosts, and we really enjoyed our time fishing on Eagle Lake. The quiet on the like, the beautiful surroundings and time with family and friends without distractions is something that I never really knew was missing until we started making the trip to CPL. Our cabin is clean and comfortable; your lodge is beautiful and most important; if I need anything you are always available and ready to help out. Round that out with a week of excellent fishing, who could want more?

This year our guide, Wayne helped us to enjoy an amazing day, limiting out by noon with several walleye in the slots and AJ hooking a musky as wide as our boat. If we caught one fish that day, we caught 50! That day brought memories that will last a lifetime. Every year we seem to have at least one day that is completely over the top that keeps us smiling and dreaming about CPL until our next trip.

I am glad that we met you and Sharon at the All Canada Show in 2011 and am looking forward to staying with you for our 4th straight year.

Thank you for all that you do!

Jim & Nancy Sandor

West Des Moines, IA

Our family has been fishing on eagle lake since 1938. You can probably only count on 1 hand the number of years that might have been missed. Guess that tells you something about the location, fishing, service and people there and especially now at cedar point lodge. Cedar point lodge and Eagle lake is one of those special places on the planet and it’s not all just about the great fishing either. Tpj. South Dakota.


Richard and Valerie Blake and Dave and Reba Duckett have been going to Cedar Point since 2007. We skipped one year to visit Alaska but have gone to Cedar point otherwise. The 4 of us have a total of 296 years of experience so I suspect we are probably the oldest group of fishermen during the week that we are there. We fish rain or shine and usually have two or three shore lunches during the week. We pretty much eat fish every day and have always brought home our limit of Northern and Walleye with a few Smallmouth thrown in. We go in mid August so the fish aren’t always huge at that time but we always have some over the slot and have our share of fun with them.

We ask for the same cabin each year and really enjoy it. Especially last year since it was completely remodeled. Because of our ages, it sometimes is a little difficult to walk to the boat docks so we are allowed to drive our truck to the beach area and leave it while we fish. When we arrive back to the dock, the dock hands tie up our boats, take our fish and ask if we want them frozen or taken to our cabin for dinner. It doesn’t get any better than that. We also enjoy the camp-wide fish fry. It’s always a treat.

Each year we get a guide the first or second day so we know where the hot spots are and always have a great time fishing with him. We have enjoyed Wayne’s company several times and always look forward to our day with him.

We have also taken fly in trips to other lakes but I think we enjoy ourselves more at cedar point since we can take more luxuries in and don’t have to bother with the details. Pat and Sharon run a
very nice vacation spot.

In the 35 or 40 years that I have fished and hunted in Canada from Alberta and the NW Territories to Newfoundland, there is no other place that I enjoy more than Cedar Point Lodge on Eagle Lake. My wife and I call Eagle Lake our “On Golden Pond” because it is so beautiful. The walleye fishing is excellent not only offering good numbers of pan-sized fish, but also many large walleyes to be caught daily basis. The lake also produces trophy sized northern, muskies, and smallmouth bass.

D Lisle
Goodyear, AZ

Pat, Family & Staff,

Having been fishing with childhood friends the last two and half decades, Canada being the last handful of trips. We have thoroughly enjoyed your lodge and hospitality the last few years. The fishing has been clearly the best.

Eddie & Wayne sure know the hot fishing locations & pointed out much other wildlife I would have not know to find on my own. Dining in your rustic lodge was always a pleasant experience before and after our day out on the lake. Felt right at home with the family touch of which your resort is operated.

When I am asked where to fish in Canada, Eagle Lake is the answer and Cedar Point Lodge is the place to stay !!

Paul Mueller
Chicago, Illinois

“Fishing is an art, a science, great therapy and perhaps even a spiritual experience for some. Others make a living at creating opportunities for others to fish. It takes a Great Lake (with plenty of fish), comfortable accommodations, quality boats with good motors, and most importantly, a positive attitude and great hospitality.

Pat Hron and his family have mastered the art of taking care of people, and creating an opportunity for sportsmen to enjoy nature and the fishing experience in the great outdoors of Canada.

We’ve lost track of how many times we’ve been to Cedar Point Lodge. But we return every year to enjoy the best that Eagle Lake has to offer. Pat and his staff and family make the experience comfortable and enjoyable. We keep going back to the same place each year to enjoy the hospitality at Cedar Point Lodge. It started as a business relationship, but it didn’t take long to become a friendship, with some great people. And the fishing is some of the best in Ontario. While that helps to keep us coming back, we’ve had a couple of tough weeks of fishing (usually weather related), but we still return each year because we know what to expect – great hospitality.”

Tim Olson
Polk City, Iowa. USA.

On behalf of the three of us guys I would like to thank you and your family for allowing us the opportunity to stay at you’re very well kept and beautiful resort and more importantly for the warm hospitality that you and your family extended to us. It is obvious that providing excellent customer service is very important to you.

It is clear to us that our next trip back to Eagle Lake we will plan to stay at Cedar Point Lodge!

Merry Christmas!
Jeff Scholten

Pat, and the entire lodge family and staff,

On behalf of my brother, and myself I want to say a big THANK YOU !!! to everyone at Cedar Point Lodge.

Also, I’d like to give a shout out to Ed. The lodge, grounds, and accomodations, were outstanding not to mention the lodge fish fry, and what a great job everyone did making us feel at home. Ed was very helpful on what to use and where to fish. We were able to go back to the areas he marked for us, and caught good numbers of fish. Ed also was alot of fun to share a day in the boat with. The young men at the docks were awesome as well. This was a very high priority on my personal ” BUCKET LIST “, and I don’t believe I could of picked a better place. If I ever have the chance to fish Canada again I know where I’ll be staying…

Rick Williams

Dear Pat, Sharon, Ryan and Janelle,

I wanted to take a moment to tell all of you: “WHAT A WONDERFUL TIME WE HAD WITH YOU ALL AT CEDARPOINT.” I really mean that.

You know Rich and I have been coming up there for quite a while and it was Mike’s second year, and EJ’s first, and everything was great, once again.

The highlight, of course, was Mike’s 10 pound walleye. Fishing with us at Cedarpoint seems to be his good luck charm, considering the big walleye this year and the biggest in his life, 39 1/2 inch, 20 pound northern, last year.

But the thing that most amazed me was the fact that we caught so many big fish this year. 25, 26, 27 inch walleyes, fish after fish. As I have told you in the past Pat, it really is a thrill to release thos big ‘eyes.

I think this demonstrates that our skills are improving with repetition, you and Wayne continue to share valuable information on the current Hot-spots, and I believe we are seeing the fruits of the Ministry’s slot limit. It’s great!

The portage to Buzzard Lake was a memorable adventure and the shore lunch of your moose meat is one of the best meals I have ever had! Speaking of Buzzard, while sitting on the rocks enjoying the rain and sleet, John and I were talking about smoked lake trout and left overs, etc., and I mentioned to John that I have recipes for smoked fish dip from leftover smoked fish, so if you want to give John my e-mail address, tell him to e-mail me and I will send him the recipes.

Once again, you have provided us with “the trip of a lifetime”. You KNOW we will be back. And you know we (Rich, Mike and I) are looking forward to deer hunting in the fall. Thanks again for everything you and your family and your staff do for us. You are definately our Canadian fishing destination of choice.

Until next time, for Rich, Mike, EJ and myself, THANK YOU.

Rudy Waranka
Indianapolis, Indiana