Professional Fishing and Hunting Guides on Eagle Lake

At Cedar Point Lodge, we are proud to say that we have some of the best guides on Eagle Lake. Each of our guides has been with us for a number of years. They are all excellent anglers themselves and are ready to help our guests in any way that they can to ensure that they have an excellent experience. Our guides are all personable and courteous and even though we have a high repeat clientele, we have a number of guests that will take a particular guide for a day because of the relationships developed over many years. Our guides have all developed their own personalities and strengths and are all considered “legends in their own minds” with a friendly rivalry between all of them!

We have enough guides that we can ensure that our new guests are taken out by Pat or one of the guides when they first arrive. This will get them started in the right direction as not only where to fish but shown some of the current patterns and techniques that is crucial information on any new body of water fished. One of the most common comments made at the completion of a new guest`s trip with us is, “thanks for having us taken out when we first arrived,” or “thanks for setting us up with a guide”. Our guides are not only excellent fisherman but also guide the various hunts we provide at Cedar Point Lodge and some work with us all year round. The following list, are guides that are on staff and guide almost exclusively for our resort.


Ed has been with us since 2001 and grew up fishing and hunting in the area. He is one of the most energetic guides you will find and it doesn`t matter what species of fish you are interested in fishing for , he is more than willing to pass on the knowledge he has gained over his years on the lake but be prepared to listen to countless stories. You can almost guarantee that you will hear a hunting story or two and hear a moose call from him. Ed is especially great with families. A number of our guests have met Ed while we were doing sport shows and he has always been a great spokesperson for our resort. People that meet him for the first time comment on his passion for Cedar Point Lodge and his sincerity and enthusiasm for hunting and fishing.

Gordon: ( Gord has now retired and is around most days for coffee!) We have two other guides-Warren and Dale that guide for us and both have been on Eagle Lake for a number of years. Pictures and write ups will follow.

Gord has been on Eagle Lake since he was five years old and will be celebrating his 84th birthday this spring. We are all in awe of his stamina and drive and most people think he is 20 years younger than he is. He still cuts all his own wood each fall and has been a tremendous help at our resort for a number of years. Gord guides steady throughout the season for all species of fish on Eagle Lake but his specialty has to be Muskie fishing. He has guided many guests to their personal bests as well as caught a number of large Muskie himself. He is in the Fresh Water Hall of Fame in Hayward, Wisconsin for his Muskie fishing.

Warren: Warren has guided on Eagle Lake for over 25 years. He had guided at another resort until it unfortunately closed down and has moved over to our resort a number of years ago. He has built up a substantial repeat clientele list and is especially great with families and larger groups. Our guests enjoy Warren’s ability to converse on a number of topics from politics to college football and his knowledge of our area.

All our guides will fish alongside our guests unless they are instructed not to do so or they feel it is better not to do so for the number of anglers in a particular boat. One of the main reasons they will fish with you is for the educational aspect of passing on their successful techniques and knowledge to assist especially our new guests.  We hope that you have a chance to meet and fish with one of our excellent guides as they are another reason for the success we have experienced at Cedar Point Lodge. They along with the rest of our staff are always there to assist you.