Ontario Hunting on Eagle Lake

We offer a number of hunts at Cedar Point Lodge. Many of our hunters are repeat hunting clients as a result of a satisfying well run hunt. We only take a limited number of hunters for packages in order to provide each hunter every chance for a successful hunt.

Bear Hunting

Ontario Bear Hunting on Eagle LakeWe have a designated area that we lease from the government that allows our hunters exclusive rights to hunt that area. Another outfitter cannot hunt the same area and this allows each outfitter the opportunity to manage the harvest and quality of animals taken each season. We do not allow sows with cubs to be harvested and we are in an area that provides us with occasional colour phase bears.

We only take a limited number of hunters each season ( 4-6 hunters ) and we operate the last week in August and first week of September. We find this to be our optimal time to run our bear hunt due to berry competition earlier and bears going off the baits later in September.

Our average bears taken are in the 200 lb plus range with a number of 300-550 lb animals taken in the last several years. We bait approximately a month prior to your arrival and our hunts can be combined with an enjoyable fishing vacation. For more details on our Bear hunt, please call Pat to discuss.

Moose Hunting

Moose Hunting Eagle LakeWe offer both archery and rifle moose hunts and have been successful with both types of hunts. The Canadian Moose is the second largest and we are in an area that has produced both numbers and size. We are limited to the number of tags available for non residents but have consistently provided a successful moose hunt for our guests. We hunt a combination of lake accessible areas and logging cuts. The proximity to the rut generally dictates our calling methods and we have experienced guides who will assist each party.

Deer Hunting

Deer Hunting on Eagle LakeCedar Point Lodge runs one of the most successful deer hunting programs in our area and has been featured several times on TV.

Why choose Cedar Point Lodge for a Deer hunt?

  • Twelve years experience in hosting successful Whitetail hunts as well as 30 years in business operating Cedar Point Lodge.
  • Approximately 6000 acres of exclusive private land and remote access crown land.
  • Actively baited stands offering each hunter multiple stands to accommodate morning and afternoon hunts ( approximately 60,000 lbs of corn used in 2008 ).
  • Energetic and experienced staff that work with each hunter to assist in their hunt ( hunter is in contact with guides for quick handling of shot animals ).
  • 4200 sq’ temperature controlled processing shop with electric controlled deer hoist with sliding rail/gambrels ( freezer service and cleaning tables available ).
  • We control the number of deer taken off each property with a maximum of 4 deer taken off our largest properties of 400-600 acres and in most cases only one or two deer taken.
  • We place a maximum of two hunters on any property at one time and in most cases only one.
  • We have an eight point minimum outside the ears to ensure quality management of our trophy deer herd ( prefer 130 or better ).
  • Our deer average approx. 250 lbs live weight with a number weighing over 300 lbs!
  • We gut and skin the deer for our hunters and will cape the deer to the head. ( we give hunter option to do their own as part of the experience ).
  • Deluxe accommodations which include satellite TV, full kitchen and gas BBQ. Ultra deluxe Chalets are available for larger groups.
  • Option to combine hunt with fishing, small game or Wolf hunt.
  • WE ARE SUCCESSFUL! We consistently have a high kill percentage and high percentage opportunity to harvest a trophy Whitetail.

What we recommend you bring or are responsible for on Deer Hunt:

  • Proof of previous hunting license. Proper hunting gear and recommended blaze orange if required ( 400 sq inches plus hat ).
  • Suitable tree stand or ground blind you are comfortable with ( we do have a number of our own stands but request you provide one ).
  • We do not process your deer but can arrange to have it done for a reasonable price ( approx. $85.00 U.S. or the hunter has the ability to do their own in our processing shop ).
  • Vehicle to get hunter to and from property. We do assist hunters in getting to properties if several hunters in party are hunting properties that are not close enough to each other.
  • Proper weapon for hunt that is reserved as well as we require that weapon is sighted in prior to start of hunt.
  • We require all hunters to sign our hunting responsibility sheet. All hunters must wear full body harnesses while in tree stands. All hunters will be issued hunting regulations but it is the hunter’s responsibility to determine regulations that pertain to his/her hunt.

* PLEASE NOTE : There is a $250.00 U.S. deposit required at the start of deer hunt that will be refunded at the end of the hunt if hunter doesn’t harvest a deer or meets our minimum requirements if he/she does harvest a deer. This discourages a hunter from harvesting a deer that is below our minimums.

Small Game Hunting

small game hunting Eagle lakeWe have excellent small game opportunities available each fall. A small game hunt can be combined with our fishing or other hunting packages to provide a great experience. We have excellent grouse hunting with a combination of Ruffed, Spruce and Sharp Tails. There are numerous logging roads and trails which we hunt as well as numerous ponds and fields for duck and goose hunting. We don’t offer a specific small game package but have fall discounts that we offer on our basic fishing packages to encourage people to experience this opportunity. We have fairly liberal possession limits for small game and extended seasons.