Dock Hands Run the Ship ( All Canada article by Jennifer Young )

This is an excerpt from an article in the All Canada Travel magazine.

Dock hand are the keys to running a successful Canadian lodge or camp.

The dock hands at Cedar Point Lodge on Eagle Lake, Ontario, are a good example.

Just like at most Canadian lodges, they are in charge of all boat transactions with fishermen who are staying at the lodge.

It is amazing that when you arrive at the dock every morning, the boats are all gassed up and ready to go. When you launch and when you land, the dock hands are always there to help. They make sure that each seat has a life jacket attached to it.

When you return from a day of fishing, the dock hands take the fish, clean and fillet them. They also freeze them for you.

If you are in need of minnows, night crawlers, anchors, trolling motors, or any other extra equipment, the dock hands are able to provide it.

The dock hands also keep the dock clean and they rake the beach. They’re always there: morning, noon and night.

As Pat Hron, owner of Cedar Point Lodge, pointed out, “Our dock hands are the number one contact with all of our lodge guests. They talk to our guests every day.”

Just like the work crew for the All-Canada show, the dock hands are behind the scenes much of the time. However, the magnitude of their work is evident. We applaud them all for a job well done.