2009 Week 3 Fishing Report on Eagle Lake

Toycen4May 30-June 6/09) Will summer ever arrive! Another week of below normal temps and nights that forecast possible frost warnings. Sharon and her mother have been patiently waiting to plant all the flowers they normally place around the lodge and resort.

The fish are still in shallow water and temps were in the mid 50′s in some bays and cooler in other areas. With the cool weather we were getting a number of Lake Trout caught while fishing for Walleyes and the portage lake was still producing Lakers along the shore lines as well as a number of larger Northerns. Numbers were good for under slot Walleye and one of the common statements now is that people are catching more slot and over the slot Walleye than eater size fish. The slot size has really paid off on Eagle as does the other size restrictions on Northern, Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Musky! We have been encouraging people not to take pictures of Musky and to try and release them without taking them out of the water. Their season opens the 3rd Saturday in June. We have had a number of 35-45″ fish caught this season and as they get closer to their spawning time, we expect larger fish to be caught fishing for other species.

The Smallmouth have been active and we expect the next two weeks to be peak spring action. We are seeing a number of moose this spring and this is great to see as our large deer population has kept their numbers down from peak years. The road trip from Fort Frances to Dryden has produced common sightings of Moose and Bear as well as a few Wolves. People are stopping and feeding the bears along 502 which isn’t recommended for them or the bears. All those reading this weeks blog that were here this past week, please send those on the lake pictures as promised as I would rather show the ones getting released than hanging by the “Caught at Cedar Point Lodge ” sign!

Pat, Sharon,family and staff

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