2009 Week 5 Fishing Report on Eagle Lake Ontario

Reindel_009This was to be our busiest week of the season. We had a few new parties who quickly fit in with the repeat guests. We had a week of great weather and fishing and by the end of the week, most of our guests looked like they had spent a week in a warm tropical resort. Rich was voted the best dressed fisherman of the week and everyone had fun in the lodge at night with the pool tournament. A special thanks to Sarah who chose a fishing vacation with her family to our lodge as her graduation from Highschool present. Their family had a great time and part of them are planning a return trip in August. The Barclay family had 13 people this year and this was their 30th year at Cedar Point Lodge.

Thanks for keeping this family tradition!

We were getting most of our Walleye in the shallow bays including our own and the Bass were peeking during this week. Lee would get a number of Walleye each night off the main dock and in general, the evening fishing was some of the best of the week. There is something special about catching fish with the lake like glass and the sun setting. You can’t find a much better cure for any troubles a person may have! Thanks to all our staff and guests who helped make this a great week!

Pat, Sharon, Janelle, Ryan and staff