2009 Week 4 Fishing Report on Eagle Lake

Olson0(June 6-13/09) We had a number of Musky caught again with most people fishing the shallow bays. Smallmouth Bass as predicted were being caught in better numbers and size and Northern were caught along with the Walleye with a few 40” plus taken. When the numbers would slow down, a larger Musky or Northern would be caught cruising the shallows feeding on the schools of Perch and Walleye. A group from Missouri said they caught five descent Musky fishing for Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. Trout were starting to be hit and miss in the portage lake but a few were caught again this week in the main lake.

The week again produced poor weather on and off and the coming week finally shows promise of summer weather. Walleye were starting to make the transition from bays and up channels towards areas where they will be found later in the warmer weather. With the water temps below normal, some of the deep reefs in channels were producing some large fish. We were getting a few nice fish off the camp dock and feel this week should start producing numbers in our bay. I’ve been saying this for three weeks so hopefully this is the week. We just got a 24” Walleye release from Dennis an hour ago on the dock and a 25″ and 29 1/2″ in the bay. The boys from St. Louis caught some nice slot and over in the Bay this morning. As I write this there are four of our boats fishing the bay. People just hate to fish in front of the lodge when there is all this water to explore. I think they believe we are just trying to save gas!Thanks again for those who stayed with us this week and keep sending the pictures!

Pat, Sharon, family and staff